Vi är registrerade i SKK och följer dess regler.

We are registered in the Swedish Kennel Club and comply with their rules.

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  • Lukas to Swedish Championship Competition!

    Lukas has qualified for participation at the Swedish Championship in Rally obedience 2019.
    He is the first Tibetan terrier to qualify for these championships.

  • The heat became too much for Lukas.

    Unfortunately we did not go to the final this year. Lukas thought it was too hot to compete and our result was therefore not the best. We will try to qualify again next year.
    We got a prize rosette and number tag to save as memory😊

Purple (of the collar) girl, 3 weeks

Male 3 weeks

Red (of the collar) girl 3 weeks

Pink (of the collar) girl, 3 weeks

3 weeks and we have moved to the kitchen.

Girl 1, 2 weeks old

Girl 2, 2 weeks old

Girl 3, 2 weeks old

Only boy 2 weeks old

The puppies are growing. A female is still looking for a loving home.

The puppies are born/ Valparna är födda

On November 20, Sanja gave birth to her puppies, three girls and one boy. Some puppies are still looking for a loving home.

For pedigree see under C-litter.

If you are interested please contact us. preferably by mobile +46 703881320


Den 20 november födde Sanja sina valpar, tre flickor och en pojke. Några valpar söker fortfarande kärleksfulla hem. 

För stamtavla se under C-litter

Om ni är intresserade nås vi helst via mobil 070-3881320

21 sep 2018 Successfull maiting (C-Litter)

Love is in the air

SE UCH, NO JV-16, NO UCH, DK JV-16, DK V-17, DK UCH, C.I.B Milington's Lea Kickboxer Gana Todo❤ SE UCH, NO JV-17, NO UCH TibetanRocks Aramis one for all.

A combination with very well renomated dogs in the pedigree.

Sanja: Hips: B, Eyes OK, DNA-tested free from CCL, PRA3, RCD4, Carrier or PLL.
Aramis: Hips A, Eyes OK, Hereditary DNA-Free from CCL, PRA3, RCD4, PLL

Two breed-type dogs that complement each other well. A happy bitch who loves to play and is easy to work with. Sanja, as we call her, is very successful in the showrings. Aramis is a gentle guy with a big heart. His coat is among the most beautiful I've seen.

Delivery will be around v.3 2019

If you are interested, please contact us by mail or mobile. You can find the information under the contact tab,

  • Märsta SKK Internationell. The son: Cacib,CAC, BOB and Champion!

    A great day with many happy achievements, including:
    TibetanRocks Aramis one for all BOB and new Swedish and Norwegian Champion!

  • Märsta SKK Internationell. The mother: Cacib, BOS

    SE UCH Karamain Usnisa Cacib and BOS!

  • Märsta SKK Internationell. The father: 2:nd best male

    SE UCH. NO UCH, DK UCH, NORD UCH, C.I.B, RLD NFAM. SE RALLYCH. Milington's Hechicero De La Noche 2:nd best male.

Ronneby SKK Nationell

TibetanRocks According to MiLady

became Swedish champion SE UCH.

Owner: Marie-Louise Flysjö

  • Milington's Hechicero De La Noche SE RALLYCH!

    As the first Tibetan terrier, Lukas takes the title Swedish Rally Obedience Champion!

  • Milington's Izaro El Astuto SE RALLYCH

    As the second Tibetan terrier, Theus takes the title Swedish Rally Obedience Champion!